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Factors to consider for scientists procuring histopathology samples for specific oncology indications:

Lab-Ally can access a wide range of US-sourced oncology samples for use in histopathology research. However, scientists need to be aware that the availability of histopathology samples is dictated largely by the constraints of disease prevalence and US standard care in clinical settings. If you are a researcher planning a biomedical histopathology study that requires human FFPE, fresh or frozen cancer samples, it would be prudent to familiarize yourself with US standard care procedures for that indication, because if your experimental design requires histopathology samples that are incompatible with US standard care, the chances of procuring specimens you need in a timely and affordable manner will be greatly reduced. The following articles discuss the specifics of current US oncology treatment procedures for the most common types of cancer.

Confused by terminology and indication abbreviations?

Visit our histology / histopathothology glossary and dictionary of disease indication abbreviations

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