RSpace 1.45, Aug 2017 – Export tables, Trace linked data, Assign temporary PI’s

RSpace Version 1.45 is available now, and includes:

  • Additional upgrades to the RSpace API for easier ingestion of external data. With each new release, our modern API will sprout new abilities that will help your engineers connect RSpace to anything and everything in your lab. Need inspiration? Check out the RSpace ELN API page on github. Nifty.
  • Quick export of tablular data. Click the download button RSpace Download Button on any table of values you have created in your RSpace documents to instantly download the table in .CSV format. Spiffy.
  • Ability to change a lab’s PI – Great for sabbaticals, internal reorganizations, or when you need to assign a temporary PI to a group that’s working on a short term project. Handy.
  • RSpace Show Linked DocumentsInstant listing of the RSpace documents your data appear in – Boost traceability and quickly see how data stored in your gallery have been used, where the data originally came from and how often it appears in the work of other lab members or collaborators. Downright dandy!

For details of other new features and improvements in version 1.45, consult the changelog. Don’t forget to visit our website and blog, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for additional insights on upcoming new features and events.

If the version number at the bottom left of your RSpace interface shows a version lower than 1.45, alert your system administrator that you need to update your server.

Once again, thank you all for your support. We hope you will tell your colleagues to try RSpace, and we look forward to helping you and your collaborators achieve your scientific goals.

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