RSpace Sample and Inventory tracking module, RSINV.

RSINV is a flexible and fully integrated part of the RSpace ELN and connected data management system. RSINV builds on the innovative feature set of the now retired eCAT sample tracking system but brings modern scaleability, support for mobile devices, intuitive integration with the ELN system and even more flexibility, allowing you to manage ANY large set of real or conceptual entities that are important to your specific area of research.

RSINV allows you to define containers, samples and sub-samples, capture custom metadata for each item, and assign helpful visual preview images to items using your favorite mobile device. RSINV can also create barcodes or read the barcodes you already use using either your phone laptop camera or a traditional laser scanner. The highly responsive interface works well with any mobile device so you are free to examine and manage your samples and inventory any time, anywhere.

Getting started quickly is facilitated through simple .CSV import options or via our modern, granular API, which allows you to push or pull or sync specific information about each item to or from third-party inventory control or sample management systems. Intuitive hierarchic views and emphasis on instant visual recognition of locations and items allow you to quickly determine where your samples, reagents and other materials are located, and the powerful audit trail helps you see how who has worked with what, and how important resources have been used throughout your laboratory.

Because of its flexibility, RSINV can be used for managing whatever resources are important to you, whether it’s freezer tubes, electrical components, biospecimens, research equipment, safety data sheets (SDS), genetic sequences or any combination of diverse items and storage areas used in a complex multidisciplinary lab.

Learn more about how RSINV can help your lab stay organized here.