RSpace 1.46, Sep 2017 – Integrations with Egnyte and MS Teams

RSpace Connects to MS Teams and Egnyte.

Version 1.46 includes new integrations with popular online tools that will increase your productivity and simplify your workflows, especially if you already use MS Teams in your lab.

Integration with Egnyte secure file sharingThis tool works just like our other connections to external sources of data. Enable Egnyte in the Apps tab by entering the address of your Egnyte account, then click the the Egnyte icon in the document edit tool bar.
The icon looks like this: egnyte Egnyte is especially popular with labs and organizations that value comprehensive security features in their online file storage.

Integration with MS Teams. MS Teams is a powerful tool for communication and coordination of your lab, and works great with Office 365. We are working on additional integrations with other MS online tools too, so stay tuned for more announcements soon. The use of MS teams in your lab is likely to grow as microsoft and its partners continue to add additional intelligent bots and data analyzers that can watch for specific data, channel information efficiently from source to destination more selectively and notify the right users of important events.

For additional details consult the changelog. Don’t forget to visit our website and blog, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for additional insights on upcoming new features and events.

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