Biospecimen Capabilities

Summary of Lab-Ally LLC Biospecimen Procurement and Lab Services Capabilities

• Lab-Ally partners with a variety of research and diagnostic laboratories and biospecimen procurement organizations in central Ohio, and across the USA to help provide researchers with an enormous variety of banked, prospectively collected and postmortem tissue samples, biofluids, extracted nucleic acids. We also provide other kinds of normal or diseased, fresh and frozen human samples, including serum, plasma, whole blood, solid tumor material, CSF and other biospecimens..

FFPE biospecimen blocks

FFPE blocks being logged

• Available biospecimens represent the entire gamut of pathology specimens collected by participating hospitals and as such, is statistically representative of the US population at large. Samples include all tissues and indications typically collected as part of clinical standard care, and examples of both diseased and normal samples representing diverse age, gender and racial groups.

• All banked FFPE specimens are de-identified in compliance with US state and federal regulations, including 45 CFR 46. The biobank division is categorized as a “Trusted Third Party”, or “Honest Broker”. This important industry role allows us to act as qualified intermediary and compliance auditor, equipped specifically to prevent patient identifying data crossing from the clinical world into the research world.

biospecimen section, adenocarcinoma of the breast

c-myc staining on adenocarcinoma of the breast

• Biomarker information that was collected as part of US clinical standard care maybe immediately available for many specimens. Where that information is NOT available, we can offer you the more economic option of providing you with sections only from a large number of cases, which you can then screen yourself. You can then purchase blocks of interest.

• We specialize in assembling very large cohorts of biospecimens representing specific cancer indications and extremely hard to find neurological specimens such as CNS and brain samples, but our collection includes all other diseases and conditions in quantities that are reflective of the both the US population and the full range of samples, biopsies and surgical material that is collected by the standard of care at modern US hospital pathology labs.

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