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Professional sales, marketing, technical support and relationship-building services for biotechnology, biomedical, environmental science and informatics companies.

Sales & Marketing

We specialize in representing innovative companies who have created great scientific products and research services, but have limited sales and marketing resources of their own. Call Lab-Ally today to get your product noticed by the scientific community.

B2B Connections

Is your research stuck? Do you need some critical, hard to find resource to make progress? We assist life science companies and academic research organizations by locating diverse, hard to find materials, tissue samples, laboratory expertise, data tools, CRO partners and more.

Data Management

One of the greatest challenges in collaborative research is the accurate collection, secure storage and insightful interpretation of diverse data types. Lab-Ally has the expertise to help you build a solution using a suite of hand picked software tools and partners.

Research Workflows

Ideas. Data. Patents. Testing. Validation. Compliance. Can your organization pull all of these things together into a comprehensive R&D strategy? How will you find the partners you need to integrate science, business and legal processes? Talk to Lab-Ally today to see how we can help.

Featured Products:

RSpace ELN

RSpace is the only ELN designed specifically for enterprise deployments at Universities. The product builds upon its proven predecessor called eCat, which is used widely in Europe and the US. RSpace features robust, scaleable architecture and modern product design, with input from premiere universities and technology transfer organizations. The system allows PIs to easily see all research under their supervision, and is simple enough to ensure rapid adoption by even the most technophobic lab staff. It is also highly affordable. Call now for a free demo.

eCAT Sample Manager

Manage your full inventory of research specimens easily in the intuitive, flexible, customizable eCAT Sample Management solution. Track samples or aliquots through their life cycle in the lab, see relationships between parent samples and daughter aliquots and combine or separate samples on the convenient virtual workbench. Create labels with built-in barcoding and understand the full usage history of everything in your lab. eCAT even notifies you about common events such as expiry, freeze-thaw counts, or low quantity, to keep your laboratory running smoothly and efficiently.

Biospecimen Procurement

Lab-Ally works with some of the most trusted, full-service, CLIA certified biorepositories, biobanks and research labs in the United States. We can assist with 45 CFR 46 compliant, IRB approved, US sourced, FFPE and frozen tissue samples and biofluids, as well as a range of lab assays, and histology services. We specialize in delivering large cohorts of banked FFPE cases to match your specific inclusion and exclusion criteria.


CERF 5.0 (Collaborative Electronic Research Framework) ELN is the award winning, 21CFR11 compliant, ultra-long-term lab data and document management system from Lab-Ally. CERF ELN is a secure enterprise solution that catalyzes research and allows GLP organizations to enjoy the benefits of a paperless LIMS, LIS, EDMS and ELN in a single solution. Extremely flexible, including a wide range of features and modules, CERF is designed specifically to address modern ALCOA research data management challenges so you can do great science.

ELN Consulting

While many Electronic Laboratory Notebooks (ELNs) share the same basic functions, each has different strengths. The first ELNs were designed to meet the 21CFR11 compliance needs of big pharma and the biomedical field, but now there are also ELNs designed for simple and affordable deployment at universities, and budget-conscious institutions. Our years of industry experience can help you select and deploy the ELN solution that's right for your organization.

MIPAR Image Analysis

MIPAR software allows researchers, technicians, and quality control managers to automate image analysis workflows with powerful, customizable "recipes" to isolate, segment, measure, identify, and characterize features and components of virtually any image you can capture.

Qualoupe LIMS

Ensure the quality and consistency of your product by tracking the lifecycle of samples from creation to delivery. Streamline your QC of batches and improve the accuracy and speed of testing procedures. Capture critical data directly from instruments, and monitor your usage of consumables to keep your lab or manufacturing facility functioning optimally. Lab-Ally is an approved North American distributor of Qualoupe and we can help you with every aspect of the deployment and support of this affordable solution.

LabSpeed LS

LabSpeed LS is the premiere system for real-time capture of data streams and files from instruments, sensors, or other sources -- precisely the kind of ephemeral raw data that is often lost in the course of research. LabSpeed LS includes the most complete library of plug-ins for most modern scientific equipment and can process large quantities of verbose data to create reports, output custom summaries or human-readable visualizations that can be passed on to your ELN, LIMS or other repository.

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