RSpace ELN

RSpace ELN is based on modern technologies, and specifically designed for large scale enterprise deployments at academic institutions.

RSpace ELN is an affordable and secure enterprise grade Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) that catalyzes research and allows organizations to enjoy the benefits, efficiencies and long-term cost savings of centralized, paperless data storage, as well as lab management, IP protection, secure collaboration, sample tracking and integration with your institute’s existing archiving system.  RSpace ELN is extremely flexible and includes a wide range of features and modules designed specifically to address modern scientific workflows and data management challenges, particularly academic research lab data storage.  RSpace  is produced by a company called ResearchSpace, which has offices in Edinburgh, Scotland and Columbus, Ohio.

The key to the system’s security and collaborative features is the fact that research data is not stored on the user’s local device (where it is vulnerable and insecure), but on the secure RSpace ELN server that is optimized for efficient oversight by your IT and data management teams. The server can be installed at your site, or on a cloud host of your choice. The server includes a secure, expandable file store (where raw data files are kept in their native format) and an SQL database that ties the whole system together and records all transactions. Any browser-equipped device can be used to create, read and edit content, including Mac and PC work stations, as well as most browser-equipped smartphones and tablets. There is nothing to install for the users, they simply open a browser, log in to your institution’s specific server and get to work.  Licensing is based on “seats”.  You pay for access by specific named users. If a user leaves your organization, the vacated seat becomes available to a new user.

To see RSpace ELN in action, take a look at some of our product videos on YouTube.

RSpace ELN integrations
RSpace ELN integrates with many of the RDM tools you already use.

Some of the many features and benefits of RSpace ELN include:

  • Streamline record-keeping by replacing paper lab notebooks with a flexible, searchable, secure and easy to use electronic lab notebook.
  • Enjoy the functionality of an ELN, SDMS and connected file management system in a single solution.
  • Organize, manage, version, and share documents. Old versions of documents are never deleted or overwritten and the full history of the document is easy to access.
  • Ensure proper role-based access to data that balances the needs of privacy and security with the benefits of collaboration and oversight.
  • Establish dynamic, easy to manage subpopulations of scientists with role-based access to specific features and subsets of data.
  • Protect your IP, but simultaneously promote useful collaborations with scientists inside or outside your organization.RSpace on tablet
  • Create, manage, and access data and lab records across any platform (PC’s, Macs, Linux, tablets and smartphones). Collaborate with anyone, and send data to RSpace from any location with network access.
  • Obviate the inefficient, unregulated and potentially insecure use of external thumb-drives, email, or outdated methods of sharing files between and communicating among colleagues or collaborators.
  • Built-in messaging and integration with Slack helps to keep everyone in the lab coordinated, with great top-down awareness for PIs, intuitive view / edit permissions, and the ability to assign tasks that integrate with your preferred system calendar.
  • Connect to institutional file stores or popular commercial tools like Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, MS OneDrive, Mendeley  to unify diverse data sources you already work with.
  • All paid RSpace deployments include the RSINV sample tracking and inventory management system.
  • Find and monitor or reuse data, documents, or specific versions of documents 24/7 whether in the lab, office or field.
  • Reduce search times by associating tags and captions with your files and resources. Use full text search, metadata search, Boolean logic and Lucene structured queries to easily locate a single document, experiment or piece of data from amongst years of diverse research assets.
  • Give rich searchable meaning to data that is otherwise hard to search for. Add captions and searchable annotations to images and verbose data that can tend to lose their significance or overwhelm a downstream audience not present during the original research. Avoid duplication and reinvention by providing better location and comprehension of data today and far into the future.
  • Link resources together in logical ways and allow them to be used in multiple contexts, See quickly how different experiments, literature and documents are related, and how your data has evolved or spawned new lines of research over time.
  • Enjoy piece of mind, knowing that all of your data is safe, secure and can be instantly exported in standard formats that will be supported for the indefinite future, regardless of trends in technology, or the changes to the RSpace product itself. None of your data will mysteriously vanish from your lab or organization ever again, and all data is stored in formats that will not become obsolete or inaccessible. Data stays safe and ownership is clear, despite staff turnover, room changes, computer replacements and institutional reorganizations. We will work with you to recommend backup, export, automated offsite archive and security strategies that fit your needs.
  • RSpace is specifically designed for institutional Research Data Management (RDM) workflows and objectives. It can pull in and pass data on to managed archives and data repositories like DSpace and Arkivum, and includes powerful tools for support, as well as built-in metrics and analytics that allow institutions to see trends, usage patterns and storage space consumption. RSpace is part of the Internet2 consortium and is intended to become and important part of US and global academic data management infrastructure.

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Lab-Ally serves as the US office of ResearchSpace. We are the exclusive distributor of the RSpace ELN in North America, and provide technical support, training and deployment services to RSpace ELN users worldwide. See our RSpace ELN Help page for support documents and tutorials.

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