Our Partners

Lab-Ally provides data management solutions and laboratory services to help move your research forwards. With our globe-spanning network of industry-leading partners, we can assist you at every point along the discovery journey, from Concept to Consumer, Idea to IPO.


Research Space, based in Edinburgh, UK, makes the RSpace Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN). RSpace is the successor of the popular eCAT ELN, and is the best ELN available for enterprise deployments at academic institutions. RSpace organizes data around the needs of busy PIs and real-world data workflows in modern universities and research institutes.

Two Fold Software logo

TwoFold Software make the Qualoupe LIMS system. Qualoupe is optimized for sample / batch tracking and management of specifications, processes, equipment and workflows. Qualoupe can also track orders and customers, combining the the roles of CRM, QC / QA and data management systems into a single intuitive, browser-based solution.


MUSA’s mission: To enable clients to produce groundbreaking results through consistent process, innovative technology and effective partner-driven relationships. MUSA provides validation services for GLP / GxP labs and networks, a validated cloud environment for the secure storage of regulated data, remote monitoring of critical lab systems, compliance consulting and more.

Cell Applications

Cell Applications offers a comprehensive porfolio of human and animal primary cells, isolated from a wide variety of tissues in a GMP and ISO compliant facility. Culture media is optimized for each cell type, ensuring maximal performance, viability, growth, morphology and population doublings. Carefully selected reagents, antibodies, cytokines and growth factors complement the cells.


Founded in 2004, Topos Technologies make LabSpeed LS, a software tool for real-time capture, processing and visualization of data from instruments and databases. Featuring one of the largest instrument plugin libraries in the industry, LabSpeed can help you record raw data which would otherwise be lost, bridge data transfer gaps and efficiently pass succinct, human readable summaries to your ELN, LIMS or LIS system.

Folio logo

Folio is the largest and most trusted 45CFR46 compliant human FFPE tissue sample biorepository in the nation, with over 7 million US sourced FFPE specimens immediately available and good potential for follow-up clinical data. Our network of clinics can also prospectively procure consented fresh or frozen biospecimens, tissue samples, and biofluids of all kinds.

Logo for Beagle Bio - provider of algae testing or monitoring services and algae research related products

Beagle helps researchers, lake managers, water treatment plant operators, government agencies and private citizens analyze harmful algal blooms and test for the presence of algal toxins and contaminants. If you suspect microcystin, cylindrospermopsin, or other algal toxins in your water supply, contact Lab-Ally to learn about our test kits and certified screening equipment and services.

Logo for Phylogeny - the in situ company

Phylogeny Inc. is our on-site CLIA certified lab partner that offers in-situ hybridization (ISH, FISH), microRNA detection, immunohistochemistry (IHC), ELISA and genomic assays as well as custom histopathology services and managed FDA studies. We also offer imaging services such as Aperio slide scanning and Nuance multispectral imaging system.


The Surety AbsoluteProof system acts as a digital seal and independent time stamp for documents and data that you need to protect such that content integrity and creation date cannot reasonably be disputed. AbsoluteProof is especially powerful when combined with one of our fully compliant ELNs.


With locations in more than 130 countries, SAP is a world leader in enterprise software and business intelligence services. SAP makes Crystal Reports, a powerful tool for mining and presenting summaries drawn from SQL databases and other sources of data, including the ELN and LIMS solutions provided by Lab-Ally.


LabAnswer has 20+ years of experience specializing in large-scale enterprise wide, laboratory and scientific IT consulting and data management services. They have supported hundreds of laboratory informatics applications and thousands of Public Health Professionals and Researchers in Pharmaceuticals, Biotechs, CROs and Government organizations.

ChemAxon logo

ChemAxon provides a suite of cheminformatics software tools designed to meet the research needs of modern labs. Examples include Marvin Sketch, and Instant JChem, portions of which are integrated into the CERF and RSpace ELN systems. ChemAxon’s academic package is available at a discounted price for volume customers who purchase through Lab-Ally.

Other Partners


ELN and LIMS deployment consulting and validation.

Technical Instruments Company

Microscopy, equipment, supplies and consulting.

Tissue for Research logo

Biospecimens and human tissue samples.


An “audit trail of the audit trail” to be sure that secure systems STAY secure.


Quality European lab equipment manufacturer.

PCR Biosystems

Next generation PCR enzymes and reagents.