RSpace 1.43, May 2017 – LaTeX editor, data integrity and other tools

Numerous useful new tools and improvements including LaTeX editor

RSpace Text Editor Toolbar

In version 1.43, we have added a number of useful new tools and improvements.  Our new LaTeX equation editor can be accessed from the RSpace text editor toolbar. The button icon is the mathematical expression for square root of x.

Enter your LaTeX code, select “Parse Equation”, and your formula is added to your document.
RSpace Equation Editor

Latex is a popular tool for mathematicians and engineers who need a more sophisticated way to represent formulae and equations in digital documents. Addition of this tool helps to broaden the appeal of RSpace to a variety of disciplines at your institution.

To ensure data integrity and IP protections both inside and outside RSpace we also added a new checksum authentication feature that lets you know for sure that your document has remained unchanged since it was electronically signed. This helps RSpace to protect your intellectual property and assures the scientific integrity of data both inside and outside of the system.

RSpace Checksum Authentication

We hope you will also enjoy the UI and search index improvements, tag auto-completion, API enhancements, among others. Consult our changelog for details and stay tuned for still more new user-driven features in the coming releases.

As always, if you have feedback, questions or suggestions, please click the RSpace help button at the bottom right of the RSpace interface to start a live chat session with an RSpace product specialist!

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