eCAT Sample Management

eCAT Sample TrackingeCAT was a robust and flexible inventory and sample tracking system developed by ResearchSpace in Edinburgh, UK. eCAT has now been formally retired and replaced by its successor RSpace and the RSpace Sample and Inventory tracking module, known as RSINV.

eCAT was originally designed as an Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN), sample tracking system and lightweight Laboratory Information System (LIMS). The Notebook and document management functions of eCAT were later separated out into a much more scalable and powerful ELN system called RSpace. Some older versions of RSpace used a parallel deployment of eCAT to provide sample tracking functionality, but with the release of the integrated RSpace Inventory management system in 2021, this “duel deployment” is no longer required and eCAT has reached End of Life.

If you are a former or current user or fan of the eCAT system, please contact us to learn more about the advantages of the new RSpace system.