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RSpace 1.41, Feb. 2017 – Easy Archiving for Your Data

Complete integration with popular data archives & digital ID

RSpace has been designed as a complete bench-to-publication data management solution. An important part of the RDM lifecycle is archiving lab data into suitable public or private repositories.

In version 1.41, we have improved support for exporting your data directly to popular archives like Figshare, Dataverse and DSpace, and also added support for embedding metadata from your unique ORCID digital ID directly into those exports. These additions make it easy to use RSpace to publish and cite raw data, and also archiving lab data to your “lifetime” academic career portfolio. You can even use ORCID links in the RSpace directory to help locate potential collaborators and dig deeper into their publication history. Archiving lab data using RSpace is simple and seamless and can be customized to connect to whatever archive you use, even those not yet on our list. Archiving lab data with RSpace also supports good security and data integrity thanks to our digitally signed  (SHA protected) data export feature.

RSpace figshare    Dataverse   orcid

What’s next? Lots of exciting things are in the works! For starters, we have released the first version of our highly anticipated API, but we will say more about that next time….

RSpace 1.40, Jan. 2017 – Tools for Coders

Github and Code Snippets in RSpace

RSpace is designed to be flexible enough to support data management workflows for virtually any researcher. With technology now such an important part of modern research, we wanted to meet the needs of computer scientists and researchers who use code stored in github. That’s why, in version 1.40, we’ve introduced two new code-related features.

GitHub LogoUsers can now link to your Github repositories from RSpace documents, making it easy to show your downstream audience your work there. See how in this video.

Additionally, for users who prefer to embed code snippets directly in RSpace, we have included a new “insert code snippet” tool in the text editor. To use it, click the new code snippet icon.

RSpace Insert Code Button

In the popup dialog, choose which language this code snippet is written in, paste in your code, and click OK. That’s it, you’re done. A number popular languages are supported including java, Latex, R, SQL, Python and more.

If you are a computer scientists who enjoys contributing to github projects, please consider helping us with our API. Learn more on our github page here.

As always, if you have feedback, questions or suggestions, please click the RSpace help button at the bottom right of the RSpace interface to start a live chat session with an RSpace product specialist!
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