Qualoupe LIMS




The Qualoupe Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) has raised the bar for LIMS usability, accessibility, flexibility and overall ROI.  This intuitive, browser-based system will increase your  organization’s operational efficiency by managing samples, data, QA / QC processes, specification monitoring and manufacturing workflows in almost any type of small, medium or large laboratory or scientific manufacturing facility.  Lab-Ally is approved as an official U.S. distributor of the Qualoupe LIMS produced by Twofold Software LTD, and as such we can help you with every aspect of the deployment and support of this elegant and cost effective solution.

qualoupe screensQualoupe is powerful, with an impressive feature set and robust architecture. It consists of over 30 applications driven by a cutting edge, highly graphic user-interface specifically designed for intuitive simplicity and clarity in the presentation of information needed by every member of your operation.  It was created to be easy-to-install, fully scalable, quick to “go live”, and highly customizable so that companies will be able to smoothly transition to the increased productivity that a LIMS can provide. Experienced users who have previously struggled with more expensive solutions from other manufacturers report that Qualoupe is easier to use and more effective, but it costs just a fraction of other systems they have worked with.


simplified workflow

 Increased Productivity, Improved Efficiency

The benefits of Qualoupe LIMS are many.  It simplifies the task of tracking all input supplies, samples, reagents and output materials while automating every process step from preparation of customer quotes to invoicing for the completed and delivered products.  The entire workflow is streamlined, leading not only to increased productivity but enhanced quality assurance and improved feedback on costs for efficiency-minded managers.

Better Accuracy

Because Qualoupe is capable of integrating data directly from laboratory test equipment, it can also help raise the standard of accuracy and integrity of results generated.  The ability to define roles and permissions for each member of the company assures greater security of the data gathered.  Full audit trails are included, along with features to assist in compliance with UKAS, FDA, MRC,  ISO 17025 and 21 CFR Part 11.


Qualoupe users can configure the software to easily locate the most commonly needed applications for individual workflows.  The package is operational on multiple platforms and integrates with multiple third-party business management products, such as ERP or MRP solutions.  By employing a web based architecture — including support for LAN (Local Area Networks), WAN (Wide Area Networks), and web implementations — Qualoupe is readily accessible where you want it to be.  It even allows customers to log in remotely to view order data or run reports, improving customer satisfaction. The specifications for each product or raw material are unlimited.


Unique among LIMS packages, Qualoupe incorporates applications aimed specifically at the business side of operations, rather than being limited solely to laboratory functions.  You can generate customized reports that target precisely the information you need to know to fine-tune and to grow your company.  It can handle flexible pricing structures as well as aid in management and control of unique customer specifications. By building efficiency, employees are freed to work on additional tasks without having to hire additional human resources, thereby building potential business capacity.


With specialized features targeted for businesses from contract laboratories to manufacturing enterprises, Qualoupe is an information management system with numerous possibilities to benefit your business.  Lab-Ally will arrange a demonstration of the features that are specifically suited to your needs.