FFPE Biospecimens

Advancing medical research requires high quality FFPE tissue specimens and human samples prepared according to exacting protocols in controlled laboratory settings.  In order to protect the privacy interests of human donors, IRB-approved procedures must be followed and full compliance with government regulations like 45CFR46 must be assured.


FFPE tissue sections

FFPE tissue sections.

Lab-Ally works with the industry’s most trusted sources of clinical FFPE biospecimens. Our primary partner is an unparalleled tissue procurement service and biobank with whom we share our Powell, Ohio facility. Our on-site collection includes more than 5 million US-sourced FFPE tissue samples and other human specimens representing most oncology, autoimmune and neurological indications, as well as many other hard-to-find human samples, solid tumors, biopsies and biofluids. Our in-house data management is state-of-the art and allows us to quickly build very large cohorts of FFPE samples that are guaranteed to meet your specific inclusion and exclusion criteria.  We can also prospectively procure  fully consented, formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue blocks, FFPE sections, fresh human tissue and frozen human tissue, as well as diverse animal tissue samples selected specifically to suit your research needs. We have an international reputation for quality, service and reliability and we are the preferred vendor for some of the world’s largest pharma and biotechnology companies.

For additional resources and a discussion of issues related to FFPE block processing and human sample availability and appropriate experimental design, visit our Histopathology Resources page.

Tissue Microarrays (TMAs)

To increase throughput and improve reproducibility, tissue microarrays can contain hundreds of samples within a single microscope slide. These TMAs are produced using a standardized process that assures consistent results from one slide to another with a prolonged shelf life. Each TMA is built from tissue samples collected according to the most strict ethical guidelines, and is accompanied by a layout listing vital tissue pathology information and donor demographics. Our catalog includes a range of immediately available TMA sections and we can also quickly construct custom TMAs from our tissue samples or yours.


All samples are US-sourced unless specifically requested. All samples are handled only by qualified histologists and CAP certified-pathologists and are collected under the auspices of multiple IRBs. All samples conform fully with US 45CFR46 and other relevant government regulations and ethical guidelines. Specimens are subject to stringent QC checks by our pathologists prior to shipment. We offer a no-quibble warranty with all our shipments. If samples to not meet your specified inclusion and exclusion criteria, we will replace them. Scientists need to be able to trust the results of their research, so if you need tissue for research, Lab-Ally should be your first choice. Contact us today to discuss your study with our experienced life-science professionals.

Immunohistopathology Studies

If you need research studies completed but you don’t have the laboratory resources in-house, we can even use our samples to perform your entire study for you in our professional, CLIA-certified laboratory. Ask us about our capabilities in ISH, FISH, IHC, ELISA, custom histopathology and slide staining services, Aperio scanning,  genomic studies, Cell Line authentication services and more.

For a full description of our biospecimen and related services see:  Lab-Ally biospecimen capabilities