Algae Products

There is precious little in life that is more critical than water quality.  Certainly, water is fundamental to many branches of science. It plays a crucial role in multiple industries, and is, of course, vital to sustaining healthy, viable ecosystems.  Wherever there is a body of water, there is a need to manage its long term productivity as an aquatic environment.

harmful algae bloom-residential

USGS image illustrating a harmful algal bloom at Lake Dora, FL.

Harmful Algae Blooms (HABs) pose a severe potential threat to river, pond, lake, and stream ecosystems alike.  For livestock growers, for owners of water front homes, for Natural Resource Managers, for recreational boaters, for professional fisheries, and for many others, toxic cyanobacterial and algal blooms can pose a threat to your livelihood and health.

Solutions for Your Algae Concerns

Lab-Ally and its partners can supply the necessary tools and supplies to effectively monitor and manage water quality.  We work with laboratories and suppliers who provide a complete line of water quality testing services. Our main partner specializes in isolating and identifying Microcystins and other algal toxins, and can provide advanced laboratory assay services for taking the guesswork out of Harmful Algae Bloom (HAB) monitoring and analysis.

For aquatic ecosystem managers and aquaculture professionals who prefer to do their own science, we can help you locate quality Microcystin controls and other algal toxin reference specimens and test kits,  specialized fluorometers for determining phycocyanin concentration and photosynthetic activity, as well as centrifugal dewatering equipment for separating suspended cells and particulates.

We’re Passionate about Algae

Our founder, Rob Day,  is a former algae specialist and welcomes the opportunity to answer any questions you may have related to algal diversity, toxicology or ecological phycology.  Contact us today for a consultation.