Twofold Software

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Lab-Ally LLC is now a U.S. distributor of the very powerful and easy-to-use Qualoupe LIMS by Twofold Software LTD.

Twofold Software draws its name from the principle of providing two-fold quality, by which they mean that their products must be both well-made and well-suited to their intended purpose.  Central to the understanding of quality is an emphasis on careful, thorough design of their business software solutions paired with an insistence on crafting an intuitive user interface that can be easily customized to match your unique needs.   The result is an easy-to-use platform with relevant information clearly presented, so that users will readily adopt the new systems.  Learn more about the Twofold Software philosophy and customer-centered vision at their website.   Two Fold 003

The primary product of Twofold Software is their Qualoupe LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) which has applications for research operations of any size, and is particularly suited to contract laboratories or manufacturing operations that also require the ability to track business, expenses, and profitability.   You can find a fuller description of the many features in Qualoupe by visiting our product page here.

Twofold: Founding Principles

The Twofold Software company is also founded on the intent to keep their products affordable to any size company, especially those that are small- to medium-sized, and thereby allow such companies to increase efficiency and productivity so that each can grow in their successes.  Of course, the Qualoupe package is scalable, so that it can grow right along with your company.  Twofold have also developed innovative alternatives that can help companies minimize  software costs.  Yet, Twofold Software still assures that customers will be able to find top-notch assistance with their software purchase through their world-wide network of distributors and technical support staff.

Lab-Ally is very proud to maintain the same high level of customer-focused service by operating as Twofold Software’s North American representative.  Let us introduce you to the full range of benefits in their Qualoupe LIMS with a call to (614) 407-4547 or email info (at)