Legacy CERF / irisnote ELN Support


Lab-Ally is the only organization in the world with the expertise to provide limited support and consulting for users of the deprecated CERF or irisnote collaborative ELN systems.

CERF205x65Rescentris, Inc. the company that produced and supported the CERF Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN), and later, the irisnote ELN system is no longer in business and appears to have ceased all operations.

This unfortunate circumstance creates a concern for current CERF and irisnote users;  if there were to be a problem with their ELN server, these customers risk losing functionality, or  worse, there exists the possibility that they may lose access to  their valuable research data.  While many customers continue to experience stable and reliable performance from their CERF or irisnote servers, the future is not predictable. Known issues in these systems can, over time, lead to accumulating SQL database corruption, and minor untested operating system updates or host infrastructure changes may cause serious issues and / or data loss.

Lab-Ally LLC is an independent company and is not in any way affiliated with Rescentris / irisnote, nor are we authorized or able to take over development of the CERF / irisnote products. Nonetheless, we do have the capacity to offer a viable third party support option to all current CERF / irisnote users.

Lab-Ally understands how critical it is for scientists and institutions to be able to access the library of data that has been archived on these servers.  Fortunately Lab-Ally has been able to forge a relationship with former members of the Rescentris / irisnote engineering and support team, and thus, we are better positioned than any other entity to provide interim technical support services for these ELN customers.  If you are a CERF or irisnote user and you have questions about these End-of-Life (EOL) products, or if you are currently experiencing technical difficulties with your server, contact us today to discuss your support options.

Lab-Ally can help you protect your investment today, and when you are ready, we can help you identify a practical and affordable path for the migration of your valuable research data to a suitable replacement system. As the digital revolution continues, more and more organizations and scientists are making the move from pencil and paper notebooks to the improved security and efficiency of an Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) system. If you are a scientist or researcher working in an academic or commercial lab, and you are not already using an ELN, chances are you will be using one in your not-too-distant future.

Lab-Ally is the North American representative for the eCAT / RSpace family of ELN solutions. These two solutions are technologically highly compatible with the CERF / irisnote systems. CERF was originally an acronym for  ”Collaborative Electronic Research Framework” and it was designed to be a modular system that other solutions could connect to and integrate with. The eCAT and RSpace products are designed to do the same thing, but are based on modern technologies like HTML 5, and as such they are browser based and require no client software to be installed. Should your institute choose to adopt one of these products as a replacement for CERF or irisnote, then Lab-Ally will be able to assist you not only with deployment training and support of your new system, but also with expert consulting services to help you plan and execute a data migration strategy from CERF or irisnote to one of these newer systems.

For more information, contact us. To speak directly with the CERF support desk, call: US (614) 602-1526